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Hasselback Chicken

Happy Friday! Recently, my Alexa has been serving me up some really good recipe suggestions. Today is a Hasselback chicken recipe that I altered a bit–hers called for salami but I nixed that and added pesto since I needed to use some up that I had in the fridge. If Hasselback sounds familiar, most often Read More

BLTA Sammie

During the pandemic, I’ve been ordering and making more comfort food than normal (COVID calories don’t count right?! Eek!) and what besides pasta, is more comforting than a sandwich? I’ve also found myself having zero energy lately so today’s recipe (if you can call it that) is very easy. It’s a classic recipe–BLT and of Read More

Lasagna Soup

I’m watching from PA my friends and coworkers in Texas without power, with pipes bursting, with grocery stores running out food and I can’t believe what I’m seeing and hearing. I grew up in PA and went to school in Michigan but I never remember so many people having these issues for more than a Read More