Growing up in a household where homemade meals and entertaining were at the forefront, it isn’t a surprise NewsforChews was formed.  But, it wasn’t until the summer going into my sophomore year at The University of Michigan that my passion for cooking took shape. Until that point, the extent of my culinary repertoire had been fondly decorating Christmas cookies, preparing the stuffing for Thanksgiving, dying Easter eggs with my mom and grandmother, making the dinner salad, or raiding the roast beef and ice cream buffet stations with my Papa. I had left most of the labor to my talented mother and grandmothers, but they were determined to teach me their culinary secrets in an effort for me to survive living in a college house. It is through those lessons and having my roommates gather around the kitchen while I was preparing meals, that I realized my love for cooking, baking, and entertaining.
NewsforChews was formed after a move to California to serve as my personal digital cookbook. While primarily covering food and drink, NewsforChews has since grown into much more, now incorporating DIY, interviews, style, and home musings. 
Besides NewsforChews, I am currently a Los Angeles Austin Dallas-based publicist for food, beverage, lifestyle, and franchise companies. I enjoy finding the best brunches, French, and Italian restaurants, browsing the local Farmer’s Markets, coaching and playing field hockey, working out, watching University of Michigan athletics, traveling, and sharing a bowl of popcorn with my two golden retrievers, Lilly and Trixie, when home in PA. 
My Best and Stay Hungry,

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