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Holiday Gift Guide: Kitchen & Food

Today marks the last day of holiday gift guides because we (me) are starting to cut it close. Christmas is in a week so if your shopping isn’t complete, you better get on it and you might actually have to go to STORES to get stuff! Today’s gift guide is the most natural for NewsforChews–the kitchen and food gift guide! This list could be SO much longer, but I’ve narrowed it down to what I really want and already love. 


  • I was born in PA, went to school in Michigan, spent 9 1/2 years living in California and now live in Texas. I have so much pride in each of the states that I have lived because they have shaped who  I am and have given me so many memories. I thought these spoon rests in the shape of states were so cute and great conversation pieces (when you have company again).
  • If you know me, you know I put honey in my coffee, tea, oatmeal, yogurt, smoothies and much much more. It’s essentially not a day unless I have honey. I was recently introduced to Bushwick Kitchen which is a Brooklyn, NY-based company that offers a range of hot sauces. Their ingredients are sourced from the Hudson Valley, Catskill Mountains and Flushing neighborhood of Queens and they infuse, mix, make, bottle and ship right from the Brooklyn, NY, kitchen. I love supporting a local and small business and couldn’t pick just one item from the line, so I picked all of them. I’ve tried their hot honey drizzled on pizza (yes, give it a try) and in my tea, sriracha on a burger and their butter syrup on some delicious pancakes.
  • Since I’ve been home, my dad and I have made pasta multiple times and I  never realized how easy making pasta was. This year for my birthday I received a KitchenAid mixer to go in my new kitchen, so this Christmas I am asking for the pasta roller and cutter attachments soI can make pasta when I’m in my condo in Dallas.
  • I LOVE a good s’more! My family went on vacation in  Moab, Utah (home of Arches and Canyonlands National Parks) earlier this year and at our resort, there was a s’mores concierge. With COVID, it turned into individual baggies of everything you need to make a s’more. You then took your baggie to the fire and roasted your marshmallow then assembled your s’more to enjoy! We did this almost every night and enjoyed it so much that I wanted to add a s’mores kit to my kitchen staples. 
  • I love salads. Like love salads enough to sometimes eat them at night after a few glasses of wine. But I rarely wash my lettuces (gross I know) and when I do I never seem to be able to get them dry enough so they won’t wilt and or go bad the next day. This final gift is a practical one…a salad spinner. If you aren’t familiar, this is a kitchen tool that you fill with your lettuce(s) of choice, add water, wash and then spin to remove excess water. You can store the lettuces in the tool and remove what you need when you prep your salad!

Stay hungry…

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