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The Answer to Keeping Foods Separate: Food Cubby

If you know me, you know that when I eat, I do not like my food touching.  My hot food can’t touch my cold (or room-temperature food), my salad with dressing can’t touch other foods, I don’t like olives or pickles (or their juices) running into my chicken.  And, even at Thanksgiving, I don’t mix my foods.  I like my foods to be separate so I can taste their distinct flavors and so my foods do not get soggy.  

So, when I found today’s product, I could not wait to try!   It is a product called food cubby, which act as plate dividers on a clean, flat plate.  It suctions to create a wall to keep “runny” foods separate from other foods.  Not only does it act as a divide for foods, it also provides an “edge” to push food onto utensils without using fingers, or if you’re only able to use one hand to eat.  As soon as I found the product, I said this was made for me!  

The Food Cubby was conceived by then 6-year old Ruby to be an alternative to buying (and then tossing out) plastic section plates, that also don’t fit well in cupboards.  I said to myself, “why didn’t I think of this?!”

Here is a bit more about the Food Cubby:

– is a curved silicone wall that suctions to plates you already own to separate food on a plate and keep runny food from spreading

– can also be used as an ‘edge’ to push food onto utensils without using fingers (and keeps food on the plate!) 

– fits exactly 1/2 cup of food in its interior for portion control 

– two can be used back-back on a larger plate to create four food areas

– is BPA free, phthalate-free, food safe silicone, that is dishwasher safe

– can be taken anywhere people go to eat!

It is $5.99 for one, $10.99 for 2, and $20.99 for 4.  Shop for yours HERE!








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