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Hot Cocoa Dipping Spoons and Pretzels

Merry Christmas Eve!!  For today’s post, I have festive hot cocoa dipping spoons and pretzels to add an extra touch to your holiday parties.  I made these (as well as the candy cane tray that was posted yesterday) for a holiday party I had for work.  Everyone loved the spirited touch!  

1 Package Melting Dark Chocolate

1 Package Melting White Chocolate

Wooden spoons or shapes for dipping

Pretzel Rods

Sprinkles and garnish (I used crushed candy canes, marshmallows, and red hot candies)

Hot chocolate (spiked, of course!) for dipping 

Dipping Spoon Ingredients and Supplies

Dipping Spoon Ingredients and Supplies

Line a rimmed cookie sheet with wax paper

Pour the dark chocolates into a glass bowl 

Bring a pot of water to a rolling boil and place chocolate bowl on top

Gently stir until chocolate is melted

Turn heat to medium

Dip spoons/shapes and pretzels into chocolate, just enough to cover, one by one.  (You may have to use a spatula or your fingers [careful, it is hot!] to evenly coat)

Place on wax paper and let cool for about 1 minute

Decorate as desired

Repeat until desired number is attained

Repeat with white chocolate

Let cool in fridge until use

Plate and serve hot chocolate







I hope everyone has a very, merry, and safe Christmas!

Stay hungry…

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