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Tuesday’s Tip: Grocery Store List

HAPPY 2015!!!  I hope all of you had an amazing holiday filled with family time and yummy eats and drinks.  Now that it is a new year, most people want to start it off right, which means a lot of trips to the grocery store to purchase healthy food.  I write my grocery list on my phone and re-write the list onto a piece of paper.  But I always seem to misplace my list in the grocery store.  It falls into the bags I brought, onto the floor, left on produce, or finds its way back into my purse.  Sometimes I feel like I spend more time searching for my list than for food.  BUT, today’s tip will help with all of that!

When you go to the grocery store, simply use a paper clip or clothes pin to attach your grocery list to your reusable bags!  This way it is easily seen and attached to a bag, so it won’t be misplaced!

Grocery List Tip!

Grocery List Tip!

Stay hungry…

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