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Tuesday’s Tip-Pumpkin Pepper!

As promised yesterday, the rest of the week I am going to give you a few more suggestions for your Halloween party on Thursday!  Today’s tip is a great way to serve dips or your main dish.

1 medium sized orange pepper

Ground Turkey

1/8 Cup Mushrooms

1/8 Cup Tomatoes

1/8 Onions

Handful of Spinach

Onion Powder, Garlic Salt, Pepper

Shredded Cheese Cheese


Pepper Ingredients

Pepper Ingredients

While turkey is cooking on stove, cut pepper 1/4 inch below stem

Clean inside of pepper

Cut “eyes” and a “mouth” to resemble a jack-o-lantern

Pumpkin Pepper

Pumpkin Pepper

Next, brown onions in EVOO

Add mushrooms, tomatoes, and spices once onions are browned

Once mushrooms and tomatoes are cooked, add spinach

Once spinach is wilted, pour the vegetables into a bowl

Add ground turkey to bowl and stir to combine

Spoon mixture into pepper and top with cheese

Pumpkin Pepper to be cooked

Pumpkin Pepper to be cooked

Cook for 15 minutes and plate

Finished Pumpkin Pepper

Finished Pumpkin Pepper

Come back tomorrow and I will give you drink recipes for your Halloween party!

Stay hungry…

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