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Tuesday’s Tip-Mind Games

If you want to eat less (whether you want to lose weight or if you just want to eat less), here are 2 tips to “trick your mind” into thinking you are eating more food than you actually are.

1.  Cut food into smaller pieces.  Not only will you think you are eating more because there are more pieces, but you will automatically be slowed down while you eat.  This will make you realize when you are full sooner.

5 Whole Strawberries


5 Cut Strawberries

Doesn’t the cut strawberries give the illusion of more food?  I think so!

2.  Plate your food on smaller plates.  This will also give the illusion that you are eating more, since there won’t be as much empty space on your plate.

Large Plate of Food


Smaller Plate of Food

This is the same amount of food, but the smaller plate of food gives you the illusion you are eating more.

Have any other tips to play “mind games” with your food?  Leave them in the comments below or email me at newsforchews@gmail.com!

Stay hungry…

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