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Week 4 with Ina

Well this is a delayed post! However I wanted to be sure I provided you with the last “week” or the last week+ a few days of my month with Ina. I can’t believe an entire month went by and I stuck to my goal of making an Ina recipe every day. Well when I set a goal, I almost always achieve it. See below for the last few days of my month with Ina!

July 22: Crispy Mustard Chicken

July 23: Two recipes for National Tequila Day!

Jalapeño Margarita⁣

Tequila Lime Chicken⁣

July 25: Smoked Salmon Tartines⁣

July 26: Blueberry Bran Muffins ⁣

July 27: Spanish Tapas Peppers⁣

July 28: Tomato & Avocado Salad

July 29: Tuna & Hummus Sandwiches

July 30: Tomatoes and Burrata 

July 31: Chicken Thighs with a Creamy Mustard Sauce⁣

  • Link: 
  • Cookbook/page: Cook Like a Pro; page 90⁣
  • Notes: You’ll see a theme in this week – there are 2 takes on chicken and mustard. When I was growing up, family ate (and my mom and dad still eat) Chicken Dijon once a week. The crispy chicken on July 22 was the most similar but I like this “loose” and saucy version.  

Favorite dish of the week: Tie between Smoked Salmon Tartines⁣ and Tuna & Hummus Sandwiches!

Stay hungry…

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