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Holiday Gift Guide: Cozy Fashion & Accessories

Today’s gift guide is all about cozy fashion. For work (at my dining room table), I’ve been guilty of wearing sweatpants on repeat. I figured in the new year and since work from home isn’t stopping anytime soon, I’d make a resolution to “dress” up for work. On the days I do dress up, I actually do feel better. Today’s gift suggestions are those that I want to be wearing so I can feel like I am “dressing” up for work. 

  • My family and I went on a trip to Utah to see some National Parks. We visited Arches and Canyonlands in Moab. One day we went into town to do some shopping and I stumbled upon this cozy cowl neck sweater. I bought it and since being home in PA (where it was 28 degrees this morning when I went for a run) I have been LIVING in it (with sweatpants on the bottom).
  • You know it wouldn’t be a gift guide (or me!) without some Lilly Pulitzer. Because I’ve been wearing my Carve Designs sweatshirt with sweatpants, I figured these velour navy pants are just dressy enough to feel like I’m dressing up for work or errands. 
  • I have had my eye on these Spanx leggings for quite some time and finally added them to a gift guide. Every person I know that owns them recommends them and looks great in the leggings. These would be a second option to the Lilly velour pants to dress up my Carve Designs sweatshirt or other sweaters I’m wearing. And when I go out to eat at a restaurant (with proper sanitation and socially-distanced precautions), these would be great to wear with heels and dress up–actually dress up!
  • I have been searching for a cozy two-piece lounge set since September. I searched and searched for the fabric, length, color, etc. that I wanted and couldn’t find what anything I liked. However, leave it up to Instagram targeted ads to serve me up with EXACTLY what I wanted. Scary, huh?! 
  • I went from wearing shoes on a daily basis to wearing nothing but slippers or going barefoot (which I love) during the pandemic. About a month into quarantine, my knees and the arches of my feet started to hate me so I began wearing sneakers. I figured that going from support to nothing was hurting my foot structure. So, I have adapted to wearing shoes most days, but I found slippers with arch support that will allow me to relax but give my feet the support they need. And, of course a cute leopard print doesn’t hurt anyone!
  • I watched The Duchess on Netflix (it was something mindless I put on in the background while I was cleaning or cooking). I don’t remember much of the series besides the main character’s fashion and one of her signatures was a statement headband. I immediately wanted to add one to my headband collection since I only have thin options. This Deepa Gurnani option is just the statement headband I was looking for. I also think headbands are a great option to fake a good hair day on your Zoom calls. 
  • Just like a statement headband is necessary for making it appear like you put in effort in your appearance on your Zoom calls, so are statement earrings and necklaces.
    • I was unfamiliar with the brand We Dream in Colour, but once I found their website, I had a difficult time picking just one earring to feature today! They are a socially-conscious fashion brand that produces their products by hand by their team in Salem, MA. And each one is gorgeous!
    • As a Texan and a former Austinite, Kendra Scott is one of my favorite brands. Essentially, you aren’t a Texan if you don’t have a few things from Kendra Scott. (The HQ is in Austin). This necklace will be the statement piece to add to your cozy fashion pieces and you will sure to receive compliments on your calls!

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