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Holiday Gift Guide: Home

Wow. We are one day away from December! One day! December! What a year 2020 has been. {you can say that again.} With it being 25 days until Christmas and everyone getting into the holiday spirit, crunch time is here so I am bringing you the first installment of my holiday gift guide. Since our homes have now become our offices or now that we live at our office, today’s guide is for the home. It includes gifts that are for relaxing and some gifts that are practical because we all need both!

  • I’ve been burning candles like crazy at night. Just something about them relaxes me and maybe it’s also because when I was growing up my mom never let us burn candles unless it was a special occasion. I’ve been reading about candles and decided that I need to burn nontoxic ones because some nontoxic candles have been found to have traces of lead, formaldehyde and other chemicals above cancer-causing thresholds. That got my attention to switch up my candles. Not only do I love this candle’s scents (top notes of bergamot, middle lavender and base of cedar) but this brand is made in Charleston, SC, one of my favorite cities to visit so I wanted to support this local business.
  • At my office, I used to have a comfortable ergonomic chair but I’ve been using my dining room table chairs which are a bit hard. While I try to stand up for a bit each day to give my back a respite, I never stand for as long or remember as much throughout the day as I would like. Since I have a bad back, I decided that a good seat cushion is a must. Purple is the brand behind no pressure pillows, mattresses, pet beds and today’s suggestion for a comfortable seat cushion.
  • I have been SUPER into baths recently. One of my new clients (I do public relations for restaurants, consumer goods, franchises and more) is a bath bomb/soak company and of course I have been sampling the product. I’ve not only been taking baths to relax but also recover from my long training runs for a half marathon I’m running in a few weeks. I’ll hop in the bath, burn a candle, sip some wine and read a book but have dropped a few things into the water. {oops} This bamboo caddy will help me organize my bath essentials and keep them dry.
  • As I mentioned, I love candles. However, I don’t want to burn them all day long, but I do want a relaxing or stimulating scent. Enter the diffuser and essential oils. You might be asking, why do I need something that turns essential oils into scented air, I don’t need to spend the money on that. Well, diffusers have a ton of benefits including improving sleep, reducing stress & anxiety, relaxing body & mind, improving respiratory health, increasing energy, boosting memory and concentration and more! Reading these benefits and feeling the effects of working at home and COVID stress, sign me up for a diffuser! This one from Vitruvi is gorgeous and will blend in with anyone’s home design.
  • I have a Barefoot Dreams sweatshirt and it is the coziest, most comfortable thing to wrap yourself in after a hard day. So, why not add one of their throws as well.
  • I am a paper note taker kind of gal. Every day I write a to do list (which usually goes out the window by lunch) and write notes on all of my internal and client calls. During the pandemic, I’ve already gone through 2 notebooks and accidentally left one in Dallas while I’m home. Let’s hope I don’t need any notes in it while I’m at home. However, if I had the reMarkable, I wouldn’t have to worry since all of my notes would be in one place. The bundle comes with the pad, markers and sleeve and writes like pen on paper. It can even convert your handwriting to typed text!

Get to shopping thee since some of these brands are offering Cyber Monday sales! 

*Prices as of 11/30.

Stay hungry…

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