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Tuesday’s Tip: A use for wax paper

I use my can opener quite often from opening olives, tomatoes, beans and more which are all staples in my kitchen. It doesn’t look like it gets dirty, but it does in the crevices, and it is hard to clean as the water rusts the gears. I’ve purchased more can openers than I would like to admit, but I have an easy fix for you today that I’ve started doing after every can I open and it has helped the life of my current can opener. It is as simple as wax paper.

To clean your can opener using wax paper:

  • Tear off a piece of wax paper (about 4 inches long)
  • Fold it into fourths
  • Insert the wax paper in the can opener 
  • Run wax paper through can opener 
  • Remove and repeat until all of the gunk comes out of the can opener and when you run wax paper through, it comes clean

What is a kitchen hack or tip you use? Leave in the comments below!

Stay hungry…

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