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Tuesday’s Tip: A must-have for every recipe – GB

Last week I held a live cooking class for my agency and made a Chinatown Chicken Salad that was inspired by a local cafe in my hometown. I had so much fun coming up with the recipe, practicing and sharing a recipe close to my heart. However, since the recipe was “just” a salad, I gave a few tips throughout the class. One (which I can’t believe I never shared with you) is what Rachael Ray calls, a GB—a garbage bowl. I take a medium-sized bowl and insert a grocery bag (or a produce bag) in it and this becomes where I throw all of the scraps and anything I’m not using or keeping. It keeps your station clean, it doesn’t mix up the ingredients you’re going to use and the scraps and you don’t have to try to scoop the scraps, carry them and walk to the trash can (if your trash can isn’t conveniently under your cutting station). You don’t have to put a bag in the bowl, but it’s easy clean up—just take the bag out and throw away. And then you don’t even have to wash the bowl out. So, I hope you start utilizing a GB in both your cooking and baking! 

What’s a tip you’d like to share or do you need help finding kitchen hack? Leave in the comments below!

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