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Tuesday’s Tip: Defrosting Your Protein

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to sit in on a cooking class at The New School of Cooking, which was being taught by Karla Lomeli, a Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts graduate and former teacher.  This lesson plan was specific to fish, but Karla mentioned that if you buy protein cold, put it in the freezer once defrosted it must be cooked and put it back in the freezer.  The second thaw breaks down even more cells in the protein and leaches out moisture, which changes the integrity of the product.  In addition, the second thaw also develops harmful bacteria.  The more you freeze and defrost, the more bacteria you introduce to your protein. If for some reason you change your mind and decide against the protein you defrosted or go out for dinner, still cook your protein.  You can always freeze the protein after you cook it, if you won’t be eating it soon!

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