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Tuesday’s Tip: How to Pick a Rotisserie Chicken

One of my favorite and easiest ingredients to add to any recipe is a rotisserie chicken because it is tasty and already cooked.  But, when you stare at the numerous options at the grocery store, how to you ensure the bird you pick is the juiciest and best option?  Below I’ve outlined a few tips from the senior food editor at bon appétit for the next time you are shopping for a rotisserie chicken!

  • Pick the heaviest one:  When the chicken is placed under the heat lamp, the plastic container or bag continues cooking the chicken as it cooks.  Pick up a few birds and test the weight of them.  The heavier ones are evidence that the juices haven’t evaporated out of the meat, therefore it is more tender and juicy. 
  • Check out the skin:  Make sure the skin is still plump and isn’t shriveled up or discolored.  If the bird looks like a deflated balloon, leave it on the shelf.  Look for one that is evenly browned all over with taut skin!
  • Watch it cook:  If you don’t see the rotisserie, don’t hesitate to ask to ask how frequently their rotisserie chickens are restocked.  If you see a rotisserie, it usually means that the market restocks throughout the day.  You can also schedule to pick up a fresh bird, right out of the rotisserie!
  • Check out your local international grocer:  While it may be convenient to shop at your Whole Foods or large grocer, picking up your bird at a local, international grocer may provide for a bit more flavor.  The local international store is more likely to use better spices and herbs to flavor their chickens! 

Be right back while I go pick up a juicy bird at the store!

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