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Tuesday’s Tip: What’s the Difference?!

Tis the season for soups. The other day, I was looking at a recipe for White Bean and Kale soup and it called for stock. I went to the grocery story and they didn’t have stock, but they had broth. So, I grabbed a box of broth, went home, and got to making the soup. (Don’t worry, recipe coming soon!) But, I realized I didn’t know the difference, so I did some research and am sharing with you today.

Stock: Typically made by simmering bones and liquid for a long time to extract their gelatin and flavor. Stock has a richer floor and fuller feel due to the gelatin releasing after the bones being simmered for a long time. It is also unseasoned!

Broth: Technically is any liquid that has meat cooking in it and is seasoned (mostly salt and some have black pepper). But, now is any flavored cooking liquid, including broths made by simmering fish, veggies, or even legumes. If you want to enhance broth’s flavor at home, adding any combination of: carrots, onions, leeks, celery, fennel, parsley, bay leaf, black peppercorns, or garlic. Simmer for for as long as you can and this will help the flavor!

Have a kitchen question you want answered?! Email me at or leave a your question in the comments below and I’d be happy to do some research for you!

Stay hungry…

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