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Thirsty Thursday: Whole30 Lemon Lime Zinger

And, yet again today I am bringing you another Whole30 recipe.  When I was on the program, I was drinking a lot of La Croix water, as it does not have any added sugar, calories, or preservatives, but it does have fun flavors like grapefruit, kiwi watermelon, tangerine, passionfruit, apple berry, and many more.  I don’t like drinking from cans a lot,  so today I am making my own flavored sparkling water.  Even if you aren’t on the program, give this zinger a try!

1/2 Lemon

1/2 Lime

1 TSP Fresh Ginger

12 ounces sparkling water



Lemon Lime Zinger Ingredients

Squeeze juice of lemon and lime into a glass


Zest ginger into an empty tea filter and add to glass

Top juice and tea bag with ice, then fill with sparkling water





Stay thirsty…

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