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Tuesday’s Tip: Swap out Your Wine Glasses

Have you ever gone to dinner or drinks saying, “I’ll just order one,” then the glass comes and it looks like you got a small pour?  Well, restaurants have learned that people order more alcohol when their drinks come in a larger glass.  Professor Theresa Marteau, director of the Behaviour and Health Research Unit at the University of Cambridge, conducted a study that had bar owners switch out the glasses between the restaurant’s standard size (300 ml), larger glasses (370 ml) and smaller ones (250 ml) every two weeks.  He found, “there’s some evidence to suggest that people consume more rapidly when they perceive that there’s less.”  So, next time you order a drink at a restaurant and it comes in a large glass, just remember this tip!  Or, when you are having a party at home, bring out your smaller glasses!

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