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Tuesday’s Tip: How to Ripen an Avocado

It’s not very often in California that I purchase an avocado that isn’t ripe.  Luckily we can purchase avocados the day of use.  But, in the rare occasion that the avocado isn’t ripe, I do the following overnight and in the morning, the avocado is ready to use!  Or you can purchase the avocado in the morning, do the below, and by dinnertime it will be ready.  

Be aware, if you have a rock hard avocado, this process may take 2 days.  The below will work if the avocado has already started to ripen a bit.

Place the unripe avocado into a brown paper bag–you do this because the ethylene gas that is trapped in the bag ripens the avocado

Add a banana, apple, or tomato to the brown paper bag, which also gives off ethylene gas to help ripen the avocado

Close the bag and overnight store at room temperature

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