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Tuesday’s Tip: How to Reheat Spaghetti

Last week I gave you a to-die for red wine spaghetti and asparagus recipe and today’s tip is how to reheat your spaghetti leftovers.  If I have leftovers, I like to eat them cold, but if you would prefer your plate of spaghetti to be warm, here’s how.  You don’t just dump it on the plate and pop it in the microwave.  The end result is spaghetti of different temperatures.  To combat this, simply place your spaghetti on a plate and create a “donut” shape with a hole in the middle.  The space in the middle will allow the pasta to reheat evenly, so you don’t have pile of pasta that is cold in the middle and super hot around the edges.  

Enjoy and as always, stay hungry…

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