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Tuesday’s Tip: Boost your Breakfast!

I always try to have protein at breakfast because it keeps you full throughout the day.  But, sometimes I feel like just don’t think I get enough.  If I had a hard workout the night before or an early am workout, I know I’ll need a bit more protein for breakfast.  So, in these times, I add a little Greek yogurt to my breakfast to boost the protein. 

Some ways you can do this is to add a heaping tablespoon for every 2 eggs you cook.  Whisk together, add spices, and cook normally!  Also, if you aren’t adding Greek yogurt to your smoothies, then you are missing out.  Blend 1/4 to 1/2 cup with your other fruits and veggies!  Lastly, I add Greek yogurt to my oatmeal.  Once I cook 1/4 cup oatmeal, I stir in about 2 TBSP of yogurt, spices, and fruit into the oatmeal for a creamy breakfast!  

Do you have any other ways you add Greek yogurt to boost your breakfast!?  Leave them in the comments below or email me at and you might find your way on NewsforChews!

Stay hungry…

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