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Thirsty Thursday: Watermelon Cocktail

With National Watermelon Day being on Monday, I had a bit of leftover watermelon in the fridge, so I wanted to give you a refreshing cocktail for the occasion (in case anyone needs a reason to still be celebrating or to be having a cocktail!)

1 Cup Watermelon Juice

2 TBSP Lime Juice

1 Palmful of torn Mint Leaves

2 TBSP Vodka of choice, I used VDKA6100

Watermelon Cocktail Ingredients

Watermelon Cocktail Ingredients

 Place all ingredients in a measuring cup and let the mint steep for about 15-30 minutes (depending on how minty you would like the drink) in fridge

Remove from fridge, strain off mint leaves

Stir or shake (in a martini shaker) mixture and pour into martini glass

Top with mint leaf and enjoy!

(you can also freeze the martini glass for an extra chill, if desired)


Cocktail Time! 

Cocktail Time!



Launched in 2014, VDKA6100 is a premium vodka brand co-created by Hollywood tastemaker Robert De Niro. Unlike most celebrity-backed products, Mr. De Niro has been an integral part of the creative process, right down to approving the cocktails. Produced by independent Australian spirits company Artisan Spirit Merchants, VDKA6100 pays homage to its roots, named after the Australian country code. VDKA 6100 uses the freshest seasonal whey and natural spring water sourced from New Zealand, is triple distilled to its purest form and charcoal filtered to eliminate all impurities. The result is a clean, light, exceptionally smooth taste with hints of floral and citrus notes and a remarkably silky liquid free of gluten, sugar and lactose for an unparalleled luxury drinking experience. Easy to mix with a clean finish, VDKA 6100’s taste is unsurpassed.

VDKA6100  (photo courtesy facebook)

(photo courtesy facebook)

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Stay thirsty…

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