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Thirsty Thursday: Grace Hightower & Coffees of Rwanda

I am typically a Nespresso coffee girl, but this week I ran out of the capsules and didn’t have time to go to the store to replenish by depleted stock.  Luckily, I had a few bags of Grace Hightower & Coffees of Rwanda in my cupboard to save me from visiting the coffee shop every day.  I ground up the coffee beans and tried all four of the flavors for you!  

 First, here is a little about the brand:

A dedicated philanthropist with acting and singing credits to her name, Grace Hightower De Niro is also an entrepreneur, having spent the last few years building her business, Grace Hightower & Coffees of Rwanda. Inspired by the President of Rwanda’s plea for “trade not aid”, Grace immediately felt compelled to learn more about the nation. Upon making her first trip to Rwanda, she realized the incredible potential of the local farmers and their rich coffee beans.  
Today, Grace and her company have made it ​a mission  to help empower the Rwandan people–especially women​–​ by marketing their unique products to the world.  Grace is, in every sense of the word, a true pioneer dedicated to enhancing the lives of those around her.  
Medium Light Roast

Medium Light Roast

This exciting offering is lightly roasted to highlight the delicate sweetness and light floral notes naturally found in coffees from Rwanda. This silky smooth coffee is perfect to enjoy all day.

Medium Dark Roast

Medium Dark Roast

Offering a classic character in the cup, experience this coffee with its full, but balanced, body that is accentuated with a touch of bittersweet chocolate. This coffee is great for all-day drinking, or as a refined espresso.

Signature Series

Signature Series

Selected from small producers who exemplify the finest cultivation practices, this coffee is custom roasted to highlight its unique flavor characteristics. Signature Series Coffees are available in limited quantities, and will change throughout the year.

Espresso Roast

Espresso Roast

Roasted to bring out a deeper body and to maximize the sweetness and depth of flavor found in the high grown coffees of Rwanda, this coffee will make a perfect well-balanced Espresso, or a bold drip cup.







My favorite of the four flavors is the medium roast and signature for everyday coffee drinking.  If I need an extra boost of caffeine, I’ll go for the strong espresso blend!  For days that I only need a little pick-me-up or just want a coffee taste, I’ll drink the medium light.  I hope you give Grace Coffee a try.  Prices start at $10.95.  Shop on the website HERE or find a retailer near you HERE.

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Stay thirsty…

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