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Driscoll’s #pictureperfectplate Campaign

I try to balance my breakfast and have protein and fruit to start my day, and I especially love Driscoll’s berries, which can help turn each breakfast plate into a scrumptious piece of art.  Driscoll’s paired up with renowned food artist Samantha Lee to highlight the brand’s berries as part of Driscoll’s #pictureperfectplate campaign, which runs until September 4th.  To enter, design your berry work of art, take a photo, upload the photo HERE, on instagram, twitter, or facebook, and tag your photo with #pictureperfectplate.  There will be 1 Grand Prize winner who will receive a Nikon DSLR Camera and Driscoll’s Berries for a year and 6 First Place Prizes who will win Driscoll’s Berries for a year!


I hope these two #pictureperfectplates by Samantha Lee and three by NewsforChews will get you into the food art spirit!  

Berry Bear:

Place blueberries on a plate and arrange as bear shape.

Cut out cheese for nose and place in center.

Cut thin strips of bread for eyes and nose.

Slice 2 strawberries and place as ears.

Cut out heart shaped strawberry and place as heart.

Place additional blueberries for top of nose and center of ears.

Berry Bear by Samantha Lee

Berry Bear by Samantha Lee

“A Beautiful Day”:

Fill pancake mix into squeeze bottle.

With the pan nice and hot, draw outlines.

Once outlines are drawn, fill in the rest of the pancake.

Decorate pancakes on the plate with natural yogurt squeezed from a ziplock bag, use the yogurt to add in the clouds and road.

Arrange blueberries into the shape of the car, cut the strawberries for the wheels.

Cut out the kiwi fruits as grass along the road.

Cut out an orange slice for the final touch as the sun!

A Beautify Day by Samantha Lee

A Beautify Day by Samantha Lee

I’m not as artistic as Samantha, but one thing that is important to me is my university, the University of Michigan to be exact.  So, of course I had to honor the Wolverines in my first #pictureperfectplate!

Block “M”:

Spread an even layer of Greek yogurt on plate

Make a block “M” outline

Fill letter in with blueberries

Fill the white space outside of “M” with pineapple




Start with a bowl of cooked oatmeal

Cut and aline strawberries to make a fish shape

Add a blueberry eye

Add chia seed lines for fish stripes



Eye See You!

Start with a bowl of cooked oatmeal

Make a circle out of 5 blueberries in the middle of the bowl

Add another ring of blueberries to the outside (you will use 5 blueberry halves to make the circle)

In middle of blueberries, add chia seeds for pupil

Also using the chia seeds, outline the blueberries and extend line to end of bowl, coming to a point

Cut a strawberry into thin 1 inch long strips and add to upper line to create eye lashes

Eye See You!

Eye See You!

Follow Samantha Lee on instagram:

Follow Driscoll’s on instagram and don’t forget to tag your plates with #pictureperfectplate from now until September 4th!  You have a chance to win Driscoll’s berries for a year and a Nikon Camera! 

Do you have a #pictureperfectplate?  Share it on instagram and tag @newforchews as well because I want to see all of my creative followers.  If you don’t have instagram, email me a picture at!  I will repost (or share!) one.  🙂

Stay hungry…

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