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National Chocolate Chip Day!

Today is a great day for two reasons…it is Friday and it is National Chocolate Chip Day!!!  What better way to celebrate than with a chocolate chip cookie?!  The Cookie Cups is a bakery that sells gourmet cookies in the shape of a mini cupcake launches today in celebration of National Chocolate Chip Day!  Besides their traditional chocolate chip flavor, they also have red velvet that also has chocolate chips!  

These cookie cups have a chewy center, yet with the crisp texture of the traditional cookie.  Your order contains 1/2 dozen cookie cups that are about 2 bites of yummy goodness.  They are made to be the size of a mini cupcakes, but specifically designed for the cookie lover.  An upside about these little guys is that they are more filling then cupcakes because cookie dough is generally more dense than cupcake batter.  With mini cupcakes, I know I always grab another one, but now I probably won’t!  

The packages are sent in a recycled plastic container and shrink wrapped for freshness. 

So, go and celebrate today with an order of The Cookie Cups!




Website launching later today!

The Cookie Cups  (photo courtesey NB Talent Services)

The Cookie Cups
(photo courtesey NB Talent Services)

The Cookie Cups!

The Cookie Cups!

Stay hungry and have a great weekend!

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