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Tuesday’s Tip: How to Perfectly Cook Oatmeal

How many times have you cooked oatmeal in the microwave only to open the door and see the liquid and oats all over the microwave plate (the one you put the bowl on or the plate in the microwave)?  Mine is too many times to count.  You can either babysit the oatmeal and open the door anytime it comes close to overflowing, or you can follow today’s tip!  

To keep oatmeal from boiling over place 1/2 cup oatmeal & 1 cup warm water (or milk) in a 2 quart microwave-safe bowl  Then microwave with no cover at 50% power for 10 minutes.  (Slow and steady wins the race!)  If oatmeal is too stiff just stir in a little water or milk.  Serve with toppings and spices you desire.

Stay hungry…

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