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Tuesday’s Tip: Snack on This for St. Patrick’s Day!

Woah!!  Don’t go anywhere!  Yes, you are on the correct NewsforChews!!  We are in the middle of getting a revamp, so please be patient with us while we finish cooking!  In the meantime, let’s get back to the food!

We are one week away from St. Patrick’s Day!  A day of drinking green beer and noshing on corned beef and cabbage.  But, today I thought I’d share with you a healthy snacking food, perfect for the green festivities.  It is baked peas, Trader Joe’s calls them Inner Peas and Harvest Snaps calls them Snapea Crisps.  They are crisp and delicious and ring in at about 130 calories per serving.  So, if you eat the entire bag, which is very easy to do, it is around 450 calories.  Not too bad for a baked pea that tastes like a potato chip!  Serve with a side of hummus, or eat them by themselves.

Trader Joe's Inner Peas

Trader Joe’s Inner Peas

Baked Peas and a glass of wine to toast to St. Patrick's Day!

Baked Peas and a glass of wine to toast to St. Patrick’s Day!

Stay hungry…

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