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Tuesday’s Tip: Napkin Etiquette

Yesterday I was watching the Rachael Ray Show and Clinton Kelly from The Chew was on the program.  He was giving tips on etiquette, which in today’s technology age, I believe have gone out the window.  I thought I would share a few of these tips, that you may or may not know, having to do with your napkin.  Kelly says the second you sit down, your napkin should go on your lap.  Don’t wait to read the menu, start talking with your neighbors, or anything else.  Napkin first!   Then, when you get up to use the restroom or leave the room for a bit, do not put your napkin on the table or the back of your chair!  Most of the time your napkin will be dirty and it shows poor etiquette when you place your dirty napkin on the table or back of the chair.  If you do get up, place your napkin on the seat of your chair.

Are there any tips you want help with or to know?!  Leave them in the comments below or email me at newsforchews@gmail.com!

Stay hungry…

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