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Tuesday’s Tip: Make your own Hummus Flavors

Another great dip/appetizer for your Super Bowl party is hummus.  I gave you a delicious homemade recipe HERE, but it was an original hummus recipe.  Don’t forget that you can add flavors of your choice to the recipe.  When you add the ingredients to the blender, add the extra ingredient(s) of your choice (this may mean having to add a bit more oil, depending on which ingredients you add).  Some examples would be basil, roasted red peppers, artichokes, extra lemon, olives, sun dried tomato, Sriracha, pine nuts, rosemary, thyme, or others!  You can even blend the original recipe but use half chick peas and half other types of beans, such as black beans, white beans, or even edamame.  Get creative and let me know what your favorite flavor hummus is in the comments below!

Coming later this week are the main entree, a drink, and desserts to serve at your Super Bowl party!

Stay hungry…

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