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Super Bowl Eats: Bacon Wrapped Dates

With the teams set for Super Bowl XLIX (49) and deflate-gate raging on, you have a little over a week to start planning your Super Bowl party!  Today’s recipe’s name is longer than the ingredients!  There are 3 ingredients and the recipe goes like this:  cut date, stuff date, wrap date, bake date, eat date.  As easy as that!!  But, I thought you would want pictures as well, so here goes!

Pitted Dates (number of choice)

Small, 3/4 inch long cubes of Parmesan Cheese

Bacon-1/2 slice per date

Toothpicks or grilling skewers, cut in half

Place 2 pieces of paper towel on plate, add bacon, top with another paper towel, then heat bacon for 1 minute in microwave

Bacon should be translucent, but not brown (may have to do in multiple batches)

Microwaved Bacon

Microwaved Bacon

Slice date in half

Stuff date with cheese

Dates stuffed with Parmesan

Dates stuffed with Parmesan

Roll cooled bacon around dates and secure with toothpick or skewer

Dates Wrapped and ready to be baked

Dates Wrapped and ready to be baked

At this point, I chill the dates for about an hour because I do not like cooking the skewers

Preheat oven to 375

After an hour, remove skewers (the bacon should remain wrapped around the date by now0

Bake in oven for 12-15 minutes, but it may take a bit longer since the dates are chilled

Once dates are baked, place dates on paper towel to get rid of grease

Serve slightly warm or room temp

Bacon Wrapped Dates Ready to be eaten!

Bacon Wrapped Dates Ready to be eaten!

Also, happy National Pie Day!!  Did you know that the sweet pies so many of us enjoy today didn’t start to be popularized until the 1800s.  The original pies were filled with meat — beef, lamb, wild duck, magpie pigeon — spiced with pepper, currants or dates.   Read more about the history of pies:  http://content.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,1862315,00.html

Stay hungry…

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