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Tuesday’s Tip: How to Open a Tough Jar!

I have been eating sauerkraut at almost every meal for some reason and I bought a new jar last week.   It was a tight lid and I was unable to open the jar for a few days!  I did the usual steps…twist as hard as I could, dry the jar, run under water, use a dish towel, tap the top on a counter, and repeat.  Usually these work, but this time, to no avail these did not open the jar!  I remembered as a kid I used a rubber disk to help open tough to open jars, so I tried something similar.  I wrapped a rubber band around the jar lid as well as the jar.  I grabbed both and twisted away.  I immediately was able to open the jar.   So, next time you have at tough to open jar, just grab a rubber band (or two) to help!

How to open a tough jar

How to open a tough jar

Stay hungry…

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