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Thirsty Thursday: The Sangria Royale

It is Thirsty Thursday time again!  Today’s recipe is a great sangria with a twist…a play on a kir royale.  The recipe comes from LVP Sangria.  Below is a little about the brand and the recipe for The Sangria royale.

About LVP Sangria:

LVP is a luscious, refreshing sangria made from Spanish rosé and red wines.  Using Lisa Vanderpump’s signature recipe, her daughter Pandora Vanderpump and her husband, Jason Sabo, have bottled the sangria and made it available for purchase.  Launching in Los Angeles and Miami, LVP Sangria is available in the traditional red and, because it’s Lisa’s signature color, also in pink, a unique offering on the market. The sangria contains no additives and is created with 100% natural flavors.  LVP Sangria is ready to be served straight from the bottle over ice and, when coupled with fresh fruit, is sure to be a crowd pleaser when entertaining.  “My mother has been serving her own special sangria recipes for as long as I can remember — it’s one of her most popular drinks.  Using her recipe, we’ve created something that’s light, refreshing, easy to drink and impressive to serve – an ultra-premium blend that lives up to the Vanderpump standards of quality. Our family hopes you will love LVP Sangria as much as we do.”
-Pandora Vanderpump

About LVP Red Sangria:

The traditional red sangria is crafted with Tempranillo grapes, arguably the most famous of Spain’s native grapes.  Tempranillo is a vibrant, aromatic black grape that adds spicy, red fruit aromas and flavors for full-bodied red wine.  The grape’s name translates to “little early one,” referencing the fact that it ripens several weeks earlier than most Spanish red grapes.  The wines for LVP are aged in oak to generate increased complexity and harmony.

The Sangria Royale:

This cocktail is a light, refreshing way to serve our LVP Red Sangria. Similar to a Kir Royale, this drink couples the sweet, vibrant flavors of blackberry with LVP Sangria’s rich Red Sangria… topped off with the bright bubbly flavors of rosé Champagne, this cocktail is bright, effusive nectar that anyone will love!

3 blackberries

¼ lemon

2 oz chilled LVP Red sangria

1 oz chilled Rosé Champagne

Add the blackberries to a shaker and squeeze the lemon over them

Muddle vigorously

Add the sangria to the shaker and shake

Pour into a Champagne coupe

Top with Champagne

The Sangria Royale

The Sangria Royale

Stay thirsty…

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