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Tuesday’s Tip: Back Yard BBQ Tips

With July 4th a huge BBQ day, I thought I would give you a few tips to make your grill time a little easier and safer.  These tips come from Stefano‘s in Yorba Linda, CA.

1.      Don’t think about it too much! Cooking and Grilling is supposed to be fun!

2.      If using a charcoal grill, make sure you light the coals at least one hour prior to grilling time! (this will also vary based on the type of charcoal you select)

3.      When cleaning the grill, first scrape with wire brush , then coat with a high-temperature oil like peanut or grape seed.   Olive oil has a low smoke point and will burn.

4.      Don’t over clean your grill!  That funny stuff on it is called “seasoning”!

5.      LOW heat is good!  It’s easier to get hotter than cooler and better to be under heated than overcooked!

6.      ALWAYS, bring your food to room temperature prior to grilling!  ALWAYS!

7.      PLEASE, use a thermometer for your meats and poultry!  It takes many years of experience to feel a filet and determine if it’s done!

8.      REMEMBER, food will keep on cooking for about 20-30 minutes AFTER it comes off the grill.  Therefore, first determine your desired temperature and remove the product from the grill at least five degrees early.  Cover with foil and let sit for another 20-30 minutes.  This completes the cooking process and lets the meat/poultry “set-up”.

9.      INDIRECT HEAT! Moving your steaks to the top rack or to a burner that isn’t being used can help you achieve that perfectly cooked filet.

Hope you learned something from these tips!  Take my poll below and let me know what your favorite thing to BBQ is!

Also, HERE are a few desserts you can make on the grill, thanks to the people over at BuzzFeed!

Stay hungry…


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