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Valentine’s Day Dinner!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!  If you are still searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner, here it is!  A simple recipe that looks elegant, gorgeous, and that you slaved in the kitchen all day long.  Prepare this!


Yellow beets



Herbes de Provence

Lemon Juice

Salt and Pepper


Truffle Salt

Smoked Paprika


Medium sized heart shaped cookie cutter

Cook and peel beets (instructions HERE)

Dice, add salt, pepper, and turmeric

Place cookie cutter on large plate

Spoon beets into heart and cover with tin foil

Clean and cut leeks

Dice tomatoes

In a saute pan over medium heat, add EVOO then tomatoes

Season with truffle salt

If you have multiple saute pans, you can also saute the leeks

Once tomatoes are cooked, uncover beets, and carefully remove cookie cutter from beets

Place cookie cutter next to beets and spoon tomatoes into cookie cutter

Again, place tin foil over

If not using multiple pans, let pan cool, and wash

Saute leeks with smoked paprika

While leeks are cooking, season tilapia on both sides with salt, pepper, and Herbes de Provence

Saute in skillet and add lemon juice when fish is almost done cooking

Add fish to plate, and repeat process with leeks using cookie cutter

Valentine's Day Dinner

Valentine’s Day Dinner

Your plate will look stunning and your Valentine will be impressed!

Stay hungry…

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