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Tuesday’s Tip-How to Peel a Tomato

As I said last week, one of the abundant foods I ate while in France was a caprese salad.  What was interesting about the salads was almost all of them included tomatoes that were peeled.  So, today I will tell you how to peel tomatoes!  You need a tomato, a paring knife, a slotted spoon, boiling water, and a bowl of iced water.

Simply slice a small X in the bottom of the tomato

Using a slotted spoon, submerge the tomato in the boiling water for just a few secongs

Then, remove the tomato with the slotted spoon and dip the tomato into the iced water

This will loosen the tomato’s skin

Simply peel away the tomato’s skin

Caprese Salad with peeled tomatoes from Les Deux Magots

Caprese Salad with peeled tomatoes from Les Deux Magots

With the peeled tomatoes, I felt that the salads were easier to eat.  I was less worried about a tomato exploding and the juices spraying on my tops!

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