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Labor Day Festivties Part 1

As the last weekend of the summer comes to a close and the kids go back to school (if not already!), what better way to end the summer than with a big, huge BBQ bang?!  Today’s post is going to put you in a party and BBQ mood!  Let’s start with some cocktails!

Sobieski Island Sunburst:

2 oz. Sobieski Toasted Coconut Vodka

2 oz. orange juice

½ oz. cranberry juice

Serve in a tall glass over ice

Sobieski Island Sunburst

Sobieski Island Sunburst

End of Summer Blues:

2 ½ oz.  Sobieski Cytron Vodka

2 oz. Blue Curacao

1 oz. orange juice

Serve in a rocks glass with ice

Garnish with orange slice

End of Summer Blues

End of Summer Blues


2 oz. CAMUS VSOP Elegance Cognac

1 oz. lime juice

1 oz. orange juice

1 oz. Triple sec

Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a glass

Garnish with a slice of lime




¼ oz. CAMUS VSOP Elegance Cognac

½ oz. Ginger Liqueur muddled with fresh ginger (2 slices)

1 oz. unfiltered apple juice

¾ oz. lime juice

¾ oz. simple syrup

Shake all ingredients together and pour over ice cubes

Garnish with slices of granny smith apple and a sliver of ginger



Lucid Summer Punch:

1 oz. Lucid Absinthe

2 blackberries

½ oz. ginger syrup

¾ oz. fresh orange juice

1 oz. gin

Muddle the berries in the ginger syrup and orange juice

Add remaining ingredients

Shake well with ice and strain over ice

Lucid Summer Punch

Lucid Summer Punch

Lucid Mint Muse:

1 ½ oz. Lucid Absinthe

2 oz. pineapple juice

Muddled mint leaves

Lime wedge

Top with Sprite or 7-UP

Muddle mint leaves with lime wedge and add Lucid Absinthe

Add ice and pineapple juice and shake briefly

Top with Sprite or 7-UP and add mint sprig

Lucid Mint Muse

Lucid Mint Muse

Photos and Recipes courtesy Deussen Global Communications

Next up are cocktails from Pavan, the world’s first Muscat Liqueur, and is blended with a touch of orange blossom.  It is made in the South of France,  using natural ingredients.  Pavan’s refreshing sweetness comes from the natural character of the muscat grape, thus containing less sugar than many other liqueurs.

Pavan Liqueur Cocktails

Pavan Liqueur Cocktails

Pavan Sangria:

1 bottle Pavan

1 bottle Perrier

Sliced fresh fruits

Pour Pavan into a pitcher with ice, add Perrier® sparkling water. Top with sliced fresh fruits

Pavan Red Sangria:

1.5 cups Pavan

1 bottle  Dry Red Wine

Add fresh cherries, pink apples, sliced oranges, and lemon

Cover and refrigerate overnight

Add 3-4 cups of ice to pitcher, stir gently and serve in iced wine or punch glasses

Pavan Sparkling Sangria:

1.5 cups Pavan

1 bottle Dry Champagne or Prosecco

1.5 cups Fresh grapefruit juice

Add fresh strawberries, blueberries and sliced lemon

Add 3-4 cups of ice to pitcher, stir gently and serve in iced wine glasses

Pavan Watermelon Sangria:

1 bottle Pavan

2 Cups Silver Tequila

1 Cup fresh lemon juice

5 Cups watermelon juice

Add fresh sliced lemon and orange

Add 3-4 cups of ice to pitcher, stir gently and serve into iced wine or punch glasses with sliced lemon and orange

Pavan Iced Tea:

2 oz Pavan

4 oz Freshly brewed black tea

Stir and serve in an iced highball glass

Garnish with mint

Peacock Tail:

1.5 oz Pavan

1 oz Gin or Vodka

.5 oz fresh lemon juice

Shake, strain into ice-filled Collins Glass

Garnish with mint

Monaco Margarita:

1.5 oz Pavan

1.5 oz Silver Tequila

.5 oz fresh grapefruit juice

.25 oz fresh lime juice

Garnish with or without salt

Shake and strain into ice-filled rocks glass

Recipes and photos courtesy: One PR

Even though I put the cocktails first in today’s post, the cook should maybe wait to pour one for themselves until the food is on the table!

I think that is enough cocktail recipes (for now at least).  Follow the recipe below for a perfect BBQ sandwich for your Labor Day!

BBQ Chicken Sandwiches:

1 Nonstick cooking spray

3 pounds pounds bone-in, skin-on chicken breast halves

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 small onion, finely chopped

2 garlic cloves, minced

2 tablespoons tomato paste

1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar

1 cup low-sodium tomato puree

1 cup no-salt-added ketchup

1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce

1 tablespoon Splenda Brown Sugar Blend

1 tablespoon paprika

1 tablespoon dry mustard

1 teaspoon chili powder

1 cup water

12 (1 ounce) slider burger buns

To make the chicken, preheat the oven to 375˚F

Line a baking pan with aluminum foil and coat with nonstick spray

Arrange the chicken breasts side by side in the prepared baking pan and drizzle the olive oil all over the top; season with pepper

Bake the chicken until barely pink in the center, about 40 minutes

To make the sauce, put a pot over medium heat and coat with the oil

When the oil is hot, add the onion and garlic

Cook, stirring, until soft and fragrant, 2 to 3 minutes

Stir in the tomato paste until fully incorporated

Stir in the vinegar, loosening up any brown bits on the bottom of the pan

Add the tomato puree, ketchup, Worcestershire, sugar blend, paprika, mustard, chili powder, and water

Bring the barbecue sauce to a simmer, stirring, and then reduce the heat to low and simmer gently for 20 minutes, until the sauce is slightly thickened

Allow the cooked chicken to cool slightly, then peel off and discard the skin

Using 2 forks, shred the meat and discard the bone

Add the shredded chicken to the sauce and stir to incorporate

Simmer for another 5 minutes, until the chicken has soaked up the sauce and is heated through

Divide the chicken among the buns and serve

Pulled BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

Pulled BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

Recipe and image courtesy RecipeRehab.com

Come back tomorrow for a few more food recipes to soak up all those cocktails!

Stay hungry…or thirsty!

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