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Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival-Part 2

I told you about the first part of my experience at this year’s Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival last week (HERE), but now I get to tell you about all the delicious desserts I enjoyed!

Akasha Shortbread

Peach and Blueberries Shortbread with Creme Fraiche, Currents, and Mint from Akasha Restaurant.  It was a great beginning to the dessert section because it was light and summery and left me enough room for other desserts!

Next up was the longest line of the Festival, The Gorbals and Top Chef, Ilan Hall.  He served a Bacon Mashmellow Snow Cone with Tapioca.  I don’t know if the line was so long because of the Top Chef’s star quality or because of the quirky dessert.

Ilan Hall, serving his Snow Cones

Bacon Marshmellow Snow Cone with Tapioca

The bacon dessert wasn’t my thing, and neither was the tapioca, so onto the next dessert, which was my thing-chocolate!

The Maple Bacon Ice Cream with a Chipotle Brownie Bite was from Campanile Restaurant.

Chipotle Brownie Bites

Maple Bacon Ice Cream with Chipotle Brownie Bite

I liked the brownie part, but not the ice cream portion.  I don’t think bacon desserts are my thing, so I will leave bacon to breakfast!

And luckily, I saved the best for last!  It was Sticky Toffee Pudding with a Stout Gelato from Wolfgang Puck’s catering.  It was served with market fresh goose berries, raw cocoa nib brittle, and citron jelly.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

I realized while eating this dessert that I had never tried sticky toffee pudding before, and after I licked my plate clean (the only dessert I finished), I didn’t know why.  This was one of the most delicious dishes I ate during the whole festival!  I can’t wait to try sticky toffee puddings at other restaurants, or until next year’s Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival!

Stay hungry…

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