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Tuesday’s Tip-Best Tips for Grocery Shopping

Today I have a few tips on how to maximize your grocery shopping and minimize the time spent in the grocery store.  All of my tips will help you be prepared before you even go into the store.  Follow these simple tips for an easier and better shopping experience.

1.  Make a list!  You can’t believe the amount of people I watch wandering aimlessly around the store deciding what to buy.  For the most part, I buy the same things every time I go to the grocery store, and I still make a list!  If you are following a recipe, write down the exact measurements of your ingredients because who hasn’t gotten home only to realize you have to go back to the store since you didn’t buy enough of an ingredient.

2.  Great you wrote a list, but how many times have you been at the meat counter and had to go back to the produce department because you forgot something?  (at least how my grocery store is set up, these are 2 departments are on either side of the store).  Categorize your grocery list by department…produce, canned goods, dairy products and eggs, frozen foods, meats, fish, and seafoods, etc.  Categorizing your list will expedite your shopping time and do away with the times you have to run from one side of the store to the other and back.

3.  Don’t go grocery shopping hungry!!!!!  (let’s face it, we have all been there).  When you go grocery shopping hungry, everything looks appetizing, even those foods you rarely eat, which is why you come home with foods you question after you eat a meal.  When this happens to me, and when my conscious kicks in, these foods either go in the garbage (a waste of money) or into my mouth (a waste of calories).  Don’t go shopping hungry, and you won’t come home with foods that will spoil your wallet or your physique!

Have a tip for me?  Leave it in the comments below or email me at newsforchews@gmail.com.

Stay hungry…but not when going grocery shopping!

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