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Tuesday’s Tip

I have noticed I spend a fair amount of time in my kitchen cutting small, round, or oval foods, such as grapes, tomatoes, and olives.  But, I have come up with a tip to help both you and me diminish the amount of time cutting these foods.

First, you need a serrated knife, your small round or oval foods, and a tupperware lid with about an 1/4 inch lip.

Place food in bunch on cutting board.

Tip using tupperware lid. Step 1

Place lid on top of food

Tip using tupperware lid. Step 1

Press the lid slightly against the food (don’t press too hard because you don’t want to crush your food!).  Run the knife along the lid from one side to the other, slicing through your food.

Tip using tupperware lid. Step 3

When at the other side of lid, remove lid and separate the food in half.  This lid trick is an easy way to cut down on the amount of tedious slicing you are doing!

Stay hungry…

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