Meatless Monday
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Meatless Monday-Goat Cheese Salad

Last week was French week on NewsforChews, but I couldn’t resist one more recipe for the time being!  Today’s recipe was a salad that was one of the most popular dishes my family ate in Paris.  There were many variations to the salad, but there were 3 main ingredients in all…lettuce, bread, and goat cheese.  Read below for my easy goat cheese salad recipe!

2 Cups Lettuce

1/2 Cup Shredded Carrots

1 Slice of Bread

4 Slices of Goat Cheese (1/4 inch thickness)

2 TBSP White Wine Vinegar or Lemon Juice

Black Pepper, Garlic Salt, and Onion Powder to taste

Place cheese on top of bread and toast in oven or toaster

Mix together lettuce, carrots, spices, and vinegar or juice and plate

When bread is toasted, take out of oven or toaster and cut in fourths

Place bread with cheese on top of salad

Goat Cheese Salad

Here are some of the amazing goat cheese salads we ate in Paris!

Paris Goat Cheese Salad #1 with prosciutto

French Goat Cheese Salad #2

French Goat Cheese Salad #3

French Goat Cheese Salad #4

French Goat Cheese Salad #5 (with apples, avocado and bleu cheese!)

What variation of the goat cheese salad would you try first?  Vote in the poll below!

Stay hungry…


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