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Gotham Bar and Grill

Last week, I was in NYC for a bit of work and a little bit of play!  On Saturday night, my family went to our favorite restaurant to celebrate my birthday.  Gotham Bar and Grill is located in Greenwich Village at 12 E 12th Street, in between 5th Ave and University Pl.  Every time my family or I visit NYC, Gotham is a must-visit, so I knew I wanted to have my birthday dinner here.  As always, it was delicious!  See below for pictures of our meals.

Roasted Beet and Goat Cheese Salad

Roasted Beet and Goat Cheese Salad (tangerine, toasted hazelnuts and shaved fennel citrus vinaigrette).  I love beets.  I love goat cheese.  I love citrus.  I love hazelnuts.  And, I even love fennel.  Put them all together and I LOVE this salad!!  I have made a goat cheese and beet salad before, but I am definitely going to attempt combining all of the Gotham ingredients into this salad!

Yellowfin Tuna Tartare

Yellowfin Tuna Tartare (Japanese cucumber, shiso leaf and sweet miso Asian ginger vinaigrette).  My mom doesn’t like raw fish, so more for my dad and me!  But, only if my dad didn’t like raw fish…

Spring Pea Soup

Spring Pea Soup (morel custard, carrot pearls, pickled ramps and fresh mint).  I missed the photo op when the waiter poured the soup into the bowl, but pea soup…who would have thought that it would have tasted SO good?!  If Gotham wasn’t already one of my favorite restaurants, I would go back JUST for this soup!  I must learn how to make a pea soup half as delicious as Gotham‘s!

Pan Roasted Halibut

Pan Roasted Halibut (maitake mushrooms, baby leeks and pickled ramps white wine emulsion).  This was my dad’s dinner and the bite I tasted was delicious!  Halibut is one of my favorite fishes and Gotham definitely did not disappoint.

28 Day Dry Aged New York Steak

28 Day Dry Aged New York Steak (marrow mustard custard and vidalia onion rings bordelaise sauce).  My mom and I ordered the steak…mainly because it came with onion rings, but that’s besides the point.  I don’t even attempt to cook a steak at home because my flavors would not come close to one bite of Gotham‘s steak.

Plate of Petit Fours

Small plate of Petit Fours.  Couldn’t figure out what they were…but they were good!

Gotham Chocolate Cake

Gotham Chocolate Cake (served warm with seasonal ice cream).  Chocolate Cake…that’s the perfect way to complete a meal.  So good…light and airy, but the perfect amount of rich chocolate!

So, from my pictures and descriptions you can tell my family had yet another perfect meal at Gotham!

If you live in NYC or are visiting, definitely make Gotham a priority dining experience!

As always…stay hungry!

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