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Q&A with Michele Locker of The Kugel Company

The first time I ate Kugel was the Thanksgiving after I moved to LA.  I had never had tried it before nor had I even heard of it, but enjoyed every bite.  I have also never made it because I never thought my Kugel could compare, so when I found out about The Kugel Company, I got very excited!  I had the opportunity to interview Michele Locker, CEO of The Kugel Company.  Read below for insight into her company and Kugel itself.

NewsforChews:  Why and when did you start your business?

Michele Locker:  I have always wanted to start my own company and work for myself.  I grew up eating Kugel at family gatherings and Thanksgiving dinners and thought the Kugel Company was the perfect way to both fulfill my dream and share a classic dish with everyone. The business officially started as a sole proprietorship in December 2010, and I am thrilled to be able to bring the joy of an old family tradition into the homes of families everywhere.

My ultimate goal is to use a percentage of the profits to turn the Los Angeles animal shelter system into “no-kill.”

NfC:  For those who do not know, what is Kugel?

ML:  Kugel is a creamy dish made with wide, wavy egg noodles and topped with crispy corn flakes. Think “casserole” that is a terrific combination of cheesecake and noodles.  It is an indulgently rich dish that has been passed down from many generations, and is typically served during the holidays or Sabbath meal.

Kugel is like a chameleon in that it can take on different flavors for different purposes. For example, add sugar, vanilla and cinnamon and you have a terrific dessert. Add caramelize onions and roasted garlic and you have a unique side dish. The flavor combinations for both sweet and savory kugel are limitless!

NfC:  How is Kugel traditionally made?

ML:  Kugel is traditionally made by a Baubie… that is the Yiddish word for Grandma!

NfC:  Where does one buy your products?

ML:  You can find Kugel Company products in the frozen food section of your local grocery store.  Soon, we will also be available in the deli/bistro case.

NfC:  Tell us about the flavors of Kugel available at your company?

ML:  Original Sweet and Original Savory

Sweet:  sweet-salty taste makes it perfect as a side dish with roasted chicken, turkey, leg of lamb, or roast beef as an alternative to potatoes or starch. It is delicious as an afternoon snack when you need a little pick-me-up. Or, surprise your guests and serve it as a dessert with a cup of tea or coffee. We love it served warm topped with vanilla ice cream!

Savory:  Deliciously loaded with caramelized onions and roasted garlic, our savory kugel is an elegant side with any meal. Kids of all ages love kugel with chicken, beef, or turkey. A slice of our savory kugel can also be enjoyed as a delightful afternoon or late night snack!

NfC:  Where is your Kugel Made?

ML:  Kugel is made at co-packers in New York and in Los Angeles. Both are certified kosher factories that also pack for groceries and club stores.

NfC:  Do you plan to add flavors or open a store?

ML:  We will continue to add flavors such as apple and pumpkin-pecan for the fall. We will also branch out into food service so that restaurants can serve Kugel to their customers.

CEO Michele Locker

Savory Kugel

Check out The Kugel Company‘s website and if you have more questions for Michele, email me at newsforchews@gmail.com!

Stay hungry…

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