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Tuesday’s Tip-Poached Eggs

Hope everyone had a great long weekend!  On Sunday, one of my friends made me an amazing poached egg and I realized that the only time I poach eggs is with poachpods.  I watched carefully as she made me a poached egg simply in boiled water.  So, hence today’s tip.

Steps to perfectly poached eggs:

1.  Boil water

2.  Add 1-2 tsp of white vinegar or vegetable oil to water

3. Crack egg in separate bowl

4.  Once water is boiled, turn down to simmer

5.  With a spoon, spin the water

6.  Add egg to the spinning water

7.  Cook egg for about 3-5 minutes

8.  Remove egg with slotted spoon and enjoy!

We placed our eggs over a slice of toast, tomato, and a bed of spinach!  Yum.

Remember, for a better poach, the fresher egg the better!

Stay hungry…

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