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Tuesday’s Tip

If you have to invest in one good kitchen tool, I vote you invest in a nice serrated knife.  A serrated knife makes cutting much easier than a non-serrated knife.  Think about a tomato…the skin isn’t tough but how many times have you squashed a perfect tomato with a plain knife?  Now, try cutting the tomato with a serrated knife.  It cuts through the skin perfectly!  Until this past Christmas, I used a Kuhn Rikon serrated paring knife from Sur la Table every day.  This knife only retails for about $12, so even the inexperienced chef doesn’t have to spend a fortune on an amazing knife that cuts well.

But, if you do have the luxury to spend money on knives, I suggest buying Cutco knives.  These were one of my Christmas gifts and I am obsessed with them!

Have any questions for me on what appliances you should include in your kitchen?  Email me at newsforchews@gmail.com or leave them in the comments below!

Stay hungry!

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