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“Like” Newforchews on Facebook

I have a great opportunity for my readers!  If  you “like” newsforchews on facebook by January 31st, you will have a chance to win some of my home cooking!  If you live within the LA area, you will have the chance to win a home cooked meal by ME!  Your meal will include a main course along with your choice of an appetizer or dessert.  For those of outside of LA, don’t feel left out.  If you “like” newsforchews by January 31st, you will be entered to win a batch of cookies or brownies sent to you!

So, click the link and “like” newsforchews on facebook  http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/NewsforChews/276447152386516 by January 31st so you can have an opportunity to win!!

Stay hungry…


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