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Two Ingredient BBQ Sauce

In honor of the Labor Day weekend, I decided to give you a recipe appropriate for a cookout.  My Texas friends would cringe at this recipe, being an integral part of their menu.  It is an easy, simple two ingredient BBQ sauce.  Yes TWO ingredients!  THIS FoodNetwork.com recipe has 10 ingredients.  Even though this recipe takes 60 minutes, most of the time on the stove it is simmering, so you can spend more time at the beach, with friends, or just as far away from the kitchen as possible, make my two ingredient BBQ sauce.

Put equal parts ketchup and Coca-Cola (regular coke, NOT diet or coke zero) in pan on stove

I usually start with about 1/2 can and 6 oz. of ketchup

Let the ketchup and Coke come to a boil, stirring occasionally

Season with pepper & garlic salt, or regular salt

Once it boils, turn to slow simmer, cover & simmer for 60 minutes

After about 30 minutes, stirring occasionally, you can add more coke or more ketchup to have barbecue sauce the right consistency (thicker or thinner) for you.

These 2 ingredients give the BBQ sauce the perfect combination.  The ketchup  gives the tomato and vinegary taste while the Coke gives the sweet taste of  brown sugar.

Have a great holiday weekend, eat lots, be safe and see you Tuesday!

Stay hungry…

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