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Tips Tuesday

I hope everyone had an enjoyable, fun, and safe Labor Day weekend!  I definitely did!

I decided to start a new weekly column, called Tips Tuesday where I let you into some of my cooking insight and tell you some of the things I do to help me in the kitchen.  If you have read my recipes, there are 3 ingredients I use in almost every recipe.  Probably the easiest ingredients, but ones that help make the taste of a recipe better…black pepper, onion powder, and garlic salt.  You must add spices to every recipe and I think these are the best.  For those of you on the run, who don’t have time to cry over onions or mince garlic, these are a great substitution.  In recipes that call for onion and garlic, I use these spices instead.  Also use with eggs, chicken, meat, veggies, etc…you get the point!  Are there any spices you use in every recipe?  If so, leave them in the comments below!

One of my readers sent me a picture of one of my recipes she tried over the weekend and it looked great!  Have you tried a recipe?  Leave a comment on the recipe you tried!

Stay hungry…

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