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Cheating on Chocolate

Get your mouths ready to water.  Today’s topic…dessert.  My favorite part of the meal.  In today’s case, we are talking about peach blackberry cobbler.  This delicacy was found at my ultimate favorite Charleston restaurant, High Cotton.  From the time I arrived in Charleston, my mom would not shut up about the peach cobbler she enjoyed at High Cotton.  (my parents were in Charleston for the entire month and had a chance to dine at some places more than once…lucky).  As with FIG (see post from yesterday), the best part of the meal highlighted locally grown produce.  This time, it was the peaches.  Even though everyone knows Georgia is the peach state, South Carolina and California make up the other two largest peach-producing U.S. states.  Before we even had our water glasses filled, my mom asked our server if they had peach cobbler.  Thankfully they did.

Now, usually I am a chocolate girl.  The more layers and the chocolatier the better.  Not the case tonight.  When the waiter came to take our dessert order, he told us that the cobbler had run out.  I thought for a second my mom was going to lunge across the table.  But, luckily for his own safety, he was only kidding.  One peach blackberry cobbler and one chocolate cake were ordered.

When our long-awaited desserts were placed on the table, the chocolately gooey cake and the bubbling cobbler in its cute little ramekin, we took seconds (literally) to savor the smells.  Since I am a chocolate girl, naturally I tasted the chocolate cake first.  Boy, was it good!  After taking a few bites, I decided that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to taste the dessert my mom had been raving about since the moment I stepped off the plane.  When I put that first bite in my mouth, something changed.  Was I really enjoying a fruit dessert more than my chocolate?  I took another bite just to be sure…I felt like I was cheating on my chocolate!  Before long, my mom and I finished the peach blackberry cobbler and sat in our booth downright depressed.  We had to fight back the urge to order another.

Now, I am not saying the chocolate dessert didn’t measure up, but I will say next time I visit High Cotton, I will be ordering MY OWN peach cobbler since I haven’t stopped raving about it since I left the restaurant.  That will teach me to make fun of my mom!

Visit High Cotton at 199 East Bay Street, in Charleston.

Try your own version of High Cotton’s peach blackberry cobbler with THIS recipe from!  If you try, let me know how it turns out!

Stay hungry…

High Cotton's Main Dining Room/photo courtesy of High Cotton website

High Cotton's Main Dining Room/photo courtesy of High Cotton website

High Cotton's East Bay Dining Room/photo courtesy of High Cotton website

High Cotton's French Quarter Dining Room/photo courtesy of High Cotton website

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